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Aug 1, 2009 3:30am EDT
've got some democrats who are going along with the industry. max baucus, the senator from montana, for example, the most important figure right now in this health care legislation that's being written in the senate. he's resisted, including a public insurance option in the reform bill, right? >> that's right. >> moyers: why is the industry so powerful on both sides of the aisle? >> well, money and relationships, ideology. the relationships. an insurance company can hire, and does hire, many different lobbying firms. and they hire firms that are predominantly republican and predominantly democrat. and they do this because they know they need to reach influential members of congress like max baucus. so there are people who used to work for max baucus who are in lobbying firms or on the staff of companies like cigna or the association itself. >> moyers: yeah, i just read the other day in "the washington post" that max baucus' staff met with a group of lobbyists. two of them had been baucus' former chiefs of staff. >> right. >> moyers: i mean, they left the government. they go to work
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1